Our service area includes every parcel between 3810 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, and the City of Palo Alto’s Montebello Reservoir.

To receive service from Adobe Creek directly, you must:

The membership fee is $1000, and the initial non-recurring charge (“installation fee”) for any residential service is an additional $2000. For membership materials, please contact us. If you’re not a member of Adobe Creek and can’t become one, please contact our reseller, South Branch Fiber.

Residential services

Small business and dedicated services

High reliability

If the datacenter has power, and you have power, our three-way backup power system (solar, battery, and auto-starting propane genset) will keep you lit even through long Public Safety Power Shutoffs or downed wires.

Our head-end switches are fully redundant, and any Gigabit service can be delivered to each subscriber over two redundant fibers, one fiber to each switch.

Dark fiber is our primary backhaul. In addition our multi-gigabit radios stand by to take traffic instantaneously in case of a fiber cut.