People at Adobe Creek

headshot of Mike Carlton
Mike Carlton, Chair and Treasurer

Mike has many years of various networking and telco experience and, as Treasurer, is primarily responsible for the finances of Adobe Creek.

headshot of Lars Fuller
Lars Fuller, Director

Lars brings extensive, multinational procedural experience to the Board of Adobe Creek.

headshot of Marc Wilkinson
Marc Wilkinson, Director

Marc, an English transplant, brings both technical and business experience to Adobe Creek. He and his family started their US life in Barron Park, quickly moving to Page Mill Road in 2012.

headshot of Daniel Dulitz
Daniel Dulitz, President

Daniel is the primary technical resource and driving force for Adobe Creek and has been deeply involved in the design of the network and of Adobe Creek’s business model. Resident in Palo Alto since 2009.

headshot of Laura Jones
Laura Jones, Secretary

Laura is a professional land use planner with more than three decades of experience in environmental analysis, land stewardship, and facilities development. She has lived in Palo Alto since arriving for graduate school at Stanford in 1983.