We are underway

In the two months since our last update, things have moved forward quickly. [more…]

Welcome new members! We’re excited to announce that quite a few folks have joined Adobe Creek as full voting members. Adobe Creek is owned and controlled by its members, and we thank these people for their support to keep us going in these early days. If you plan to get service from Adobe Creek, please move towards joining now. To join, fill out our membership request form. Email me directly if you have any questions.

We have signed contracts with Next Level Networks for engineering and permitting as well as for the equipment and materials we will install. In order to pay for those contracts we have used membership dues and borrowed money. Some of the equipment has already arrived, notably the long-lead-time switches.

What’s happening now? In addition to finalizing the easements, we’re planning for the annual meeting, drafting contracts, working closely with the City of Palo Alto to advance our dark fiber link (on track for this fall), and working with the community fiber organizations in Woodside and Los Altos Hills to reduce costs by sharing our dark fiber. We’re still surveying and finalizing the detailed design but we’re very close to design freeze. The website is in progress. And we’re working to get everyone on board as members.