How it's going

It’s hard to believe it’s only been 7 weeks since Adobe Creek’s first update. We’ve kept a low profile but a lot has been happening behind the scenes. [more…]

Meet our new logo! Carrie Beyer, who grew up on Page Mill just above Moody, directed us in a very professional and productive creative process. The logo leads with a fiber cable composed of strands, connecting to the natural physical environment we live in and love. I’m a fan of our logo and I hope you are too, because we’ll all be seeing a lot more of it in the months and years ahead.

Call for early members. The Board of Directors recently approved our Membership Agreement, which means that we can have members. You do not need to become a member now; you can wait until we get much closer to activating service. But if you would like to show support for Adobe Creek, you can become an early member, attend the 2022 Annual Meeting, and vote for directors and other membership business. The membership fee is $1,000, which counts as one-third of your total signup fee. If you’re interested in becoming an early member, please fill out this membership form which asks you a few questions so we can send you the right document to sign.

What happens next? After contract signing, the next major milestone will be “permits granted.” Leading up to that, there will be a survey, and then the survey data will be used in the detailed design of the network. When we approve the design, permit documents will be created and our permit application submitted. And then the permit documents will be modified in response to plan check comments and resubmitted.

Surveys begin next month. Our fiber network will be fully underground, which is very good for reliability and aesthetics. When we install it, we need to know where existing services are so we can avoid them, and that’s what the survey is for. We will coordinate with you in advance to find a convenient time to survey your property. One of the most important things will be to map sewer laterals – the City knows where the mains are but has no idea about the laterals. We have the equipment needed to do this, so we will ask you to show us your sewer cleanout(s) so we can feed our locator “sonde” into the lateral.