Adobe Creek Networks, your fiber internet provider

Adobe Creek Networks has incorporated. Effective yesterday, we filed Articles of Incorporation with the California Secretary of State and received an IRS EIN, so we are officially a (non-profit) California mutual benefit corporation. [more…]

Pre-Permit meeting with City of Palo Alto Public Works. On the afternoon of the 18th, we and our contractor Next Level Networks will meet with the Street Work workgroup at Public Works and a representative from City of Palo Alto Utilities. The meeting will focus on the technical requirements for a job this large. They wouldn’t have to meet with us, and we’re glad they did because it will make the permit process more efficient.

Financing is being concluded. We have secured financing at a 10 year term and between 3 and 4% interest (market rate for secured 10-year debt). If you would like to lend money to Adobe Creek at that interest rate, let me know and we’ll borrow less from other sources.

Rough timeline. Two things must happen before we can start construction: the City needs to approve our Street Work Permit, and our materials and equipment must arrive (backbone multiduct, backbone fiber, vaults, switches, etc.). We’re not sure which of those will be on the critical path, or exactly how long they will take.

There’s a lot more work going on behind the scenes. Please contact any of us for more information or to volunteer to help.